Why should Solutions Integrators risk deploying VOIP?
Thursday, 29 October 2009 15:03
Written by Val Jelinic   

Its not a bad question. In other words, "Why should I stick my neck on the line and risk my reputation with my Enterprise customers?"

More and more Enterprises are looking to VOIP alternatives to reduce overall costs and take advantage of new innovative services that traditional telecoms providers just dont have, or are too costly. Hence, they are looking to their Solutions Integrators to come up with solutions for this type of service.

However, many Solutions Integrators have little control over the VOIP SPs that are available to connect their Enterprise customers to. Oftentimes it is the Enterprise themselves that dictate which VOIP SP they want.

So what is the best way forward?

Having a credible, tested (Interoperability tested & published whitepapers) & proven VOIP SP partner that you trust is the only way. Establishing a rapport with the VOIP SP, building a confidence in their products, services and voice QOS level is the key strategy. Having this relationship & knowing the service well benefits all stakeholders. Being able to refer to proven whitepapers instills confidence and therefore Solutions Integrators can build on this by providing Business Case Studies of their deployments that advertise their offering to even more Enterprises. Confidence in turn, builds confidence.

"Why should Solutions Integrators risk deploying VOIP?" because their is no risk when you have the right partner. Check out voipGATE Partners for an example of the right way to go.